Front coverWalk through the valley of death with a husband who has lost his wife – feel the pain and anguish that rips through his heart daily.  Experience the deafening silence left when God takes the one but leaves the other.

Follow that same man as he stumbles through life without his beloved, desperately clinging to God’s hand trying to get through just one more day.  Watch as God begins to work miracle after miracle, time and time again, and opens up unbelievable doors of hope for the future.

AND THEN THERE WAS ONE is the life changing story of one man, one woman and God.  A story about one woman’s death and one man’s grief.  A story about God’s plan.  A story about how a ministry was born.

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Final - Front coverOne Sunday as I headed to church, God spoke to me in words as clear and plain as in a conversation with a friend.

He said “I will make you whole again.”

The words were loud and clear.  I was shocked!  I pulled my truck off the road and stopped.  I looked in the back seat to see if anyone was there.  I checked the radio to see if it had come on.  There was only me in the truck, alone.  Those words were echoing in my ears.

Where did that voice come from, such a loud and strong voice?  I realized it was God’s voice.  My God had spoken to me with words loud and clear.  I began to pray and thank God for that assurance.  I didn’t fully understand what those words meant, but I knew God was with me and would help me.

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BookCoverPreview-new-front onlyGrowing up in a small southern town in Alabama was the greatest childhood I could ever imagine.  As a baby boomer, I experienced a period in American history that will never be repeated.  It was a time when family was important.

America was hard at work recovering from the great recession.  Patriotism was high.  Americans loved their country and were willing to fight to keep her free.  Other countries respected America and would never harm her.

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