Mary Freeman BoardmanMary Freeman Boardman was born in Alabama, graduated from Tuscaloosa County High School, and served as a Nurse in the U.S. Air Force.  She was bitten by the writing bug at a very early age.

Before she knew how to write her ABC’s, stories filled her daydreams.  She would make scribbles on brown paper bags as she lay on the front porch of her childhood home.  She’d then “read” those scribbles to her dolls as they sat lined up in a row.  After selling her first piece of work at the age of 21, she has never looked back.  Writing is her passion.

She now lives in Iowa.






Bura Randolph Freeman was born in 1946 in Northport, Alabama. He was educated in Alabama and Tennessee.  He gave up control of his life to God, to be used to bring souls to accept Jesus as their Savior.

After having lived in various places during his adulthood, he returned to his roots and now lives in Northport with his wife, Susie.  He is now retired, enjoys working in his church and is serving as a Gideon.